Traveling in Guatemala

Welcome to Guatemala! One thing that you can be sure of is that you will never regret visiting. However, one visit is not enough. There are so many things for you to see, to do and to enjoy. You will need to make many more visits after the first one. This country has some of the most attractive tourist destination not only in northern Central America but also in the whole world. Its natural beauty that comprises of scenic landscapes and a great diversity of flora and faunamakes it appealing to tourists from all corners of the world.


Forget any travel advisories because every country in the world has its share of troubles.In your lifetime, you must visit this country.

Lovely culture

You will love the culture, the cuisine and the people. What do you think of a concoction of Mayan and Spanish cultures? It would be awesome and indeed, it is awesome. You can visit the Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology and see the artifacts collected from some of the most majestic Mayan ruins in the world.

When to visit

You can visit Guatemala anytime, although it is advisable to avoid the rainy season that is between May and October when the weather roads become impassable. March and April are dry and hot while December through February gives travelers some cool mornings and evenings. Read the rest of this entry »

Kilimanjaro Hills – Tips To Make Your Tour A Grand Success


Kilimanjaro hills are located 5,895 meters above the sea level. The paths of these mountains are steep and needs experience to overcome the challenges that climbers can face.

Here are some packing tips for the travelers-

  • Rains are common on these mountains. Hence, it is better to wrap your clothes individually in plastic bags to keep them dry
  • You could carry extra clothes for emergencies
  • Sunscreen and hats are must, especially when you are climbing the mountain
  • Do not forget to carry your camera and head lamps. It is better to put in them new batteries, before you leave for your tour.
  • You could also carry a ski pole, to prevent knee injuries

Before you climb these mountains, ensure that you have hired an experienced and licensed guide. He will navigate the way for you in the easiest and reliable manner. You could take any one of the six available routes.

If you choose the Marangu route, then the journey can be completed within 6 days. Machame route on the other hand, is quite strenuous and rustic. However, time taken by the climbers in both the routes is the same.
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British Grand Prix

The British Grand Prix is held in Silverstone. It is a race that totals 190 miles (306 km) by completing 52 laps around a track that measures 3.667 miles (5.901 km). It has been held 68 times since its beginning in 1962. There are two men who hold the title to earning the most wins. They are Alain Prost and Jim Clark and both of those men have won the race 5 times. A Ferrari built car has been the winner 15 times making it the most winning manufacturer.

The British Grand Prix has been held at Brooklands, Aintree and Brands Hatch but the British Grand Prix is now held at the old RAF airfield in the ancient village of Silverstone.

Silverstone is a small village that has a very long history. It is mentioned in what is known as the Domesday Book. This is a book that records a survey of most of England and some of Wales that was completed in 1086. This book was commissioned by William the Conqueror (William I). He sent men all over the land to find out what the holdings were of each landholder and how much livestock they had. This was done in an effort to determine what taxes each landholder should pay.
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Hollywood Hotels and the Best Place to Book It

Hollywood HotelsHollywood is one of the most popular destinations around. Tourists come to this celeb capital to catch a glimpse of their favourite Hollywood stars and shooting destinations. The hotels here are packed all the year round and hence you should book in advance to get good accommodation when you come to the city. You will find all types of Hollywood hotels including seven star hotels, five star hotels, budget hotel and apartments. Depending upon your budget, you can book a room for yourself. However, it is important that the agency you book through should be good enough to find you a decent accommodation place. For this, you can visit that offers booking facilities of all types of Hollywood hotels.

Best Hotels in Hollywood

Some of the best hotels in Hollywood include Nevada Beach Apartment, Hotel Sheldon, Silver Spray Motel, Comfort Inn Airport, Pousada Suites, Curtis Inn, Ocean Inn, and more. Each of these hotels has a Specialty and the rates are variable. You can get all the information about the hotels and their rates by contacting the CheapTravelBooker people. Their staff is available at your service 24 x7 and readily answers all your queries related to Hollywood accommodation.

You can get a good guidance from them regarding the hotel you should choose for your stay in Hollywood. From amenities to price, you can expect them to provide you all the details of these hotels so that you can choose the best as per your budget limitations and taste.
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Exotic Resort in Maldives

Exotic ResortIt has been a common belief that a tropical island is always the most favorite destination for most worldwide tourists. Any places on this earth with tropical climate are considered perfect places to recreate because they are warmer than the other parts of the world. They receive just enough amount of sunray and their night and day have the same length. Tourists visit tropical islands in the Caribbean and Southeast Asia because their beaches are awesomely beautiful, warm, and exhilarating. Because those places are already popular, it may be difficult for you to avoid high season when you want to visit them because their high season is year round. Their popularity also makes every visit to those places expensive. If you are a tourist expecting a perfect retreat at a tropical paradise, you may need to look for some other places that can provide you with calmness and tranquility and ones that don’t require you to spend too much money. Loama Resort Maldives can be a great place to choose in that case.

This resort is located in Maldives (formerly Maldive Islands), an archipelagic country located south of India in the middle of Indian Ocean. This country consists mostly of small islands. There are many small islands that it has and there is hardly an island that is considered big enough in that country. Because there are a lot of islands that this country has, there must also be a lot of beautiful beaches that it can offer to tourists like you. Therefore, when you visit this country to enjoy vacation, you can always find a perfect place to entertain yourself. The resort discussed in this article is one of the most amazing resorts that you can find in Maldives. It occupies an entire island and it has all entertainments and facilities that make you think as if you are in a paradise. Stay at that resort for a day or two and you can make your vacation the most enjoyable vacation that you can have.

There are many things that you can enjoy at that resort. Aside from the beautiful beach with white and soft sand that surrounds the resort, there are also luxury accommodations and entertainments that you can enjoy there. You can choose any bungalow that you can find at that resort and enjoy comfortable nights at your luxuriously accommodated bungalow while waiting for a new beautiful day to come.
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