Tips to Finding the Best Hotel Bedding

the Best Hotel BeddingMore and more homeowners are embracing hotel inspired trends for their bedrooms, creating advanced and elegant spaces that ooze luxury and comfort. Each detail creates a space where you can relax after a long day at work, once the children have gone to bed.

Some of the most current trends include black, grey and white. White walls, black leather beds, dark wood furniture and crisp white linen with grey accessories, completed with tea and coffee-making facilities and small seating area for added convenience.

Every homeowner can give different idea of the perfect hotel room, many get inspiration from hotels they have stayed in over the years, combining that inspiration to create a spectacular design.
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Top Destinations for Mountain Biking in Europe

Mountain Biking in EuropeMountain biking enthusiasts are spoilt for choice when travelling to Europe, with some top destinations from which to choose. Europe has a host of excellent locations for all kinds of biking, for everyone from beginners to experts. So whether you want to go biking in the Alps or anywhere else in Europe, here are a few of the best places to go.

The Alps

This region has some of the best mountain biking single-track trails in the world, making biking in the Alps a very popular activity with enthusiasts. There are myriad places to go where you can enjoy stunning scenery and a huge range of trail options, but one of the best places of all is Morzine.

The terrain in Morzine varies from easy to very challenging, making it ideal for all levels. The Portes du Soleil area is famous with bikers, and not only does it have hundreds of miles of prepared trails, it also has ski lifts that you can use to get to the top. The infrastructure is also superb, making it a great option for anyone keen for a holiday biking in the Alps.
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Paris – The Beacon for Lovers

The Beacon for LoversThe capital of France, Paris is known as city of lovers. As Audrey Hepburn very famously said in the movie Sabrina, Paris is “always a good idea”. Why the city has earned the sobriquet of being the city of lovers will always be up for debate, but what many fluttering hearts around the world know is that there is nothing akin to holding hands while gazing up at the flickering lights on the Eiffel Tower, or taking a romantic stroll along the Seine. More than any other city on the planet, Paris tells you to let go and lean back and enjoy the most beautiful things in Life – love and laughter.

The Language of Love

French has always been considered the language of love. Maybe it’s the way pronouncing the nasal vowels requires one to pucker their lips, or maybe it’s the bon mots, but when you are in France love is always in the air. And even more so in Paris, where glamorous women sashay down the streets like a dream and the concept of love gets idolized in every form. Parisians pour their heart into everything they do- from food to fashion, and the result is more often than not an endless surprise of creativity and genius. It is perhaps apt that the most famous painting of the Italian maestro da Vinci hangs in the Louvre. The Monalisa; the girl with the mysterious and bewitching smile, is quintessentially Parisian, with Paris being a city with heart of a girl – soft, shy, seductive, and entirely mesmerizing.

The Ultimate in Luxury

Paris is effortlessly chic. Paris is luxury that is not embarrassed by its own grandeur. It is ultra modern and ultra glam. When you are in Paris and you want to make the best of it, you have to partake the experience of living in the city’s posh hotels. There is no dearth of famous hotels in Paris, and you can take your pick from the five and four star hotels in the city. For those on a tighter budget, the 3-star hotel options too are great. Backpacker friendly, this city has a lot of hostels and apartment options as well.
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15 Easy Ways to Make Money While Traveling

Make Money While Traveling“How can I make money while traveling, is it possible?” Or “I cannot travel, I don’t have enough money!”

Chances are that these thoughts have crossed your mind (It crossed my mind too!). Therefore, you are still hesitating to start traveling and as time pass; you begin to wonder if you will ever backpack around the world. How can you make money while traveling?

In this article I will show you that you can make money and that it is much easier than most people think.

This is not a complete list, there a lot of others ways to make money abroad! Sit back, relax and enjoy this list of 15 easy ways to make money while traveling around the world.

Independent Online Work AKA Freelancing – Freelancing is offering your services without having a boss. It can be online with the help of websites like Elance that will connect you with business and independent contractors. If you have experience in web design, programming, illustration design, writing, marketing, copywriting, translating or anything else that can be done remotely, you must give it a try. Even if your background is in something else, give it a try as there is freelance work in a lot of different areas. It is a good way to make money while traveling.
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Traveling in Guatemala

Welcome to Guatemala! One thing that you can be sure of is that you will never regret visiting. However, one visit is not enough. There are so many things for you to see, to do and to enjoy. You will need to make many more visits after the first one. This country has some of the most attractive tourist destination not only in northern Central America but also in the whole world. Its natural beauty that comprises of scenic landscapes and a great diversity of flora and faunamakes it appealing to tourists from all corners of the world.


Forget any travel advisories because every country in the world has its share of troubles.In your lifetime, you must visit this country.

Lovely culture

You will love the culture, the cuisine and the people. What do you think of a concoction of Mayan and Spanish cultures? It would be awesome and indeed, it is awesome. You can visit the Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology and see the artifacts collected from some of the most majestic Mayan ruins in the world.

When to visit

You can visit Guatemala anytime, although it is advisable to avoid the rainy season that is between May and October when the weather roads become impassable. March and April are dry and hot while December through February gives travelers some cool mornings and evenings. Read the rest of this entry »

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